Special Events

Hidden Doors

About the trail:

It is an opportunity to explore the community. The adventure is new and exciting to locals and those visiting from slightly further afield within the government guidelines. There are 30 individual handcrafted hidden doors to find by buildings and playgrounds around BoA until September 10th 2021. Their positions have been allocated with consideration of public safety (i.e. not too near roads), other hazards such as waterways and enabling plenty of space for people to distance themselves socially

How does it work:

The idea is simple - you, the explorer, can scan a QR code found on one of the five QR hidden doors that are located in Westbury Garden, Youth Centre, top of Conigre Hill, top of Whitehall Road, and the Shambles.

The QR code will take you to www.hiddendoorsofboa.co.uk where you can download a trail map with the approximate location of the 30 doors.