About Us

Bearfield is a very welcoming Church family from a number of different backgrounds. We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and affiliated to WEBA.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

           [what we long to see] is

  • People in loving relationships with God and with each other

Our mission

           [our view of our part in this] is

  • Helping each other to walk with Jesus, as a church family, in our community

Our strategy

           [what we do to fulfil this] is

  • Teaching and discipleship

  • Experience of serving God and others

  • Sharing fellowship and fun

  • Prayer and pastoral care

  • Support for God’s work locally and further afield

  • Regular and one-off events

Our values

           [how we seek to act as we carry this out] are

  • Honouring and worshipping God

  • Encouraging the value of all people

  • Working for proficiency in what we do but not at the expense of love


We agree with the Evangelical Alliance’s basis of faith,  for more information do view our Statement of Faith by clicking here.

Who's Who


David Jewell join Bearfield Church as pastor in 2014

Youth Worker

Bex Cox joined the Church as its first Youth Worker in 2019


Sarah-Ann is the Church Admistrator


Bearfield has a team of four Trustees to oversee the running of the charity and managing the building

Leadership team

The Leadership Team consists of five other members, plus the pastor and administrator, to help oversee the pastoral and spiritual life of the Church

Our History

If you want to learn about the history of Bearfield Church please follow the link.