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About Us

Bearfield is a very welcoming Church family from a number of different backgrounds. We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and network with WEBNET.

Our Mission at
Bearfield Church

       Our Mission

  • To build our relationship with and deepen our understanding of God.

  • To grow as Whole-Life Disciples, to share the Good News of Jesus in creative and authentic ways.

  • To be a community of Christians that brings about a difference in our lives and the lives of others.


We will carry out our mission as we Encounter God, are Empowered by the
Holy Spirit and Enabled through the ministry of Bear
field Church.


We believe that we have been created for a joy-filled life of deep intimacy with the
Living God, who we encounter through:

  • Prayer

  • The Bible

  • Worship

  • Experiencing the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • The ministry and gifts of one another


We acknowledge our need to be filled, empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit
in order to show God’s love to the world.


We want to learn and grow in our understanding of God, seen in the life of Jesus.

We believe God has a plan for our lives, our church and our neighbourhood.

We will be enabled through:

  • Deepening our understanding of the Bible with contemporary and relevant biblical and spiritual teaching

  • Growing in confidence to share our faith through teaching, training and discipleship that inspires and excites us to share the Good News of Jesus

  • Helping everyone to grow towards their God-given potential

  • Recognising, encouraging and using our gifts

  • Deepening relationships with others and offering friendship and support to one another and to the local community

  • Treating everyone equally and fairly

  • Engaging with social justice and environmental concerns – locally and globally

  • Supporting and working with other local Christian groups.


November 2022

Who's Who

Church Leader

Dave Parr joined as our Church leader in September 2023

Youth Worker

Bex Cox joined the Church as its first Youth Worker in 2019


Sarah-Ann is the Church Admistrator


Bearfield has a team of four Trustees to oversee the running of the charity and managing the building

Leadership team

The Leadership Team consists of five other members, plus the pastor and administrator, to help oversee the pastoral and spiritual life of the Church

Our History

If you want to learn about the history of Bearfield Church please follow the link.

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