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John 9 v 35 - 41

The chief concern of Jesus was always the spiritual state of the people He met. We have ample proof that He cared about their physical and mental issues as well; He was aware too that some cannot make that step of faith without first having those issues brought to the light and healed. The healing of the paralysed man-Mark 2 v 1-12- is one example of that. However, Jesus did not come principally to heal people of their body and mind issues, for one day they would die in their sins anyway; He came to free them from sin, to proclaim the coming of The Kingdom of God, and to bring joy, peace and abundant life.

Every person is not on a level playing field as far as Jesus is concerned. There are those, such as myself, who have all the benefits of a secure childhood, loved by believing parents, taught the Bible from an early age; and there are many who have grown up without any knowledge of Jesus-or even a negative understanding of Him-who have many things to get through before they can be set free through the love of Jesus. 

Jesus condemned the Pharisees because they fully knew Scriptures, yet still refused to accept that the Son of God was standing there before them.

Whenever people are confronted with Jesus, they at once pass a judgement on themselves. If they see nothing in Him to love, then they have condemned themselves. If they reach out to Him in admiration then they are already on the way to God. This man was born physically blind, but we all have been born spiritually blind. Those who are conscious of their blindness and who long to see better are men and women whose eyes can be opened and who can be led into all truth.

To summarise this chapter: the blind man began by seeing Jesus as a man (v 11), then he progressed to seeing Him as a prophet (v 17), finally He confessed that Jesus was the Son of God (v 38). How do you see Jesus today?

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