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John 21 v 24 - 25

The final argument for Christianity is the witness of Christian believers to their own experience; that is why testimonies are such powerful declarations. Jesus had commissioned Peter to shepherd His sheep, He commissioned John to live to a great old age, possibly the only one of the Twelve not to die prematurely, and to be the witness to His story. Even to the 80's and 90's AD, sixty years after Jesus had died, John could witnessed to having seen the Lord and to have lived and walked with Him for three years! Imagine what that would have meant to the early church?! 

We are each called to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the setting to which He has called us, not envying or looking down on other believers' calling and context.

In this last chapter, John has reminded the Church of the reality of the resurrection and that Peter and John had separate vocations-they weren't in competition against each other. In the last verse he turns again to thinking of the splendour of Jesus Christ. Whatever we have learned about Him from these pages is only a small fraction of who He truly is, the multifaceted character of Him. Human books are inadequate to contain all there is to know about Him. Yesterday, we read about how Jesus dealt with the huge issue of Peter's denial and we can observe the outworking of a character who was 'full of grace and truth' (John 1 v 14); able to confront Peter directly, but in such a gracious way that Peter could only listen and respond well to Christ's gracious, searching touch. 

Jesus Christ has inexhaustible power and limitless grace, please don't forget that! Bow down and worship, for this is your King!


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