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John 9 v 1 - 34

On first reading the story of the healing of the man born blind, it may appear that it is a straightforward story demonstrating the power and the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are, however, some things here I would like to emphasis without taking anything away from this wondrous tale of a man set free through Jesus. 1. This is the only miracle in the Gospels where we are expressly told that the sufferer had the disability from birth.  2. The common assumption then was that disability was caused by sin, either committed in this man's case, in the womb (!) or by his parents before he was born. However, for Jesus, it was an opportunity to reveal the glory of God in healing and also to remind that God's grace can be shown through the faith and positive actions of a sufferer who has faith in Him.  3. Similarly to the miracle in Mark 7, Jesus chooses to use His saliva to effect a cure. Why would He not just heal him with a word, we may ask? In those days, saliva was often used to encourage healing and Jesus chose to use what was acceptable to bring confidence to the disabled man. He then sent him to the pool of Siloam - remember that reference?-to wash and so he could see. In a similar fashion, God works through medical breakthroughs and physicians' skills to bring healing. 4. Just as with the man once blind, we can praise God for His healing, however it has been brought about. 5. PLEASE, DON'T GET MUDDLED THROUGH STUDYING THE DETAIL! This is what befell the Jewish religious leaders. They were so consumed with annoyance that a supposed Sabbath law had been broken, that they didn't take a step back and praise the God they purported to serve for His wonder working powers! 6. I love that the man born blind had a better theology even though he had been begging for alms all his life than the religious leaders with their years of learning. He had been given the Holy Spirit and the Pharisees remained blind. 


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