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John 8 v 12 - 30

Jesus had a large audience for His declarations; this was the court of the women as well as the treasury and it was called the first because women were not allowed to go further than this. As always, Jesus spoke into the situation, so when He declared that He was the Light of the world it would have been particularly relevant during this Festival of Tabernacles, as on the evening of the first day there was a ceremony called the Illumination of the Temple right here in the court of the women. Four huge candelabra were lit and in their light people danced before the LORD until the daybreak! Jesus declared that the worshippers had experienced the brightest light they would see in their lifetime; anyone who followed Him would have light not just for a night, but for a lifetime. He is the light which lasts forever! Your life can never fully flourish and blossom until it is lit up with the presence of Jesus. When we are lit up with Christ's presence we attract others to follow Him too.  Again the Rabbis knew exactly what He was saying as there are numerous references to the Lord being light in the Old Testament, such as Psalm 27 v 1; Isaiah 60 v 19; Job 29 v 3; Micah 7 v 8.  The Jewish religious leaders as well as many others regarded Jesus only superficially, but Jesus promised that when He has been hung on a cross He will be recognised for what He is and He used the word 'I AM' here, the word that only God is allowed to use. Remember that from Genesis 15 to Revelation 22 God uses that name for Himself, the mysterious, ever present one, Lord of time and Space. Worship Him today as Creator and Saviour!


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