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John 6 v 1 - 21

One of the questions we can ask ourselves as we study through the Gospel of John is, 'Who saw Jesus do that or say that?' In most situations, there was a witness who would have told the apostles of something Jesus had done or said. Obviously, most of the time, it was the disciples themselves who were privy to it. We have two miraculous acts of Jesus recorded in this passage and we do well if we simply read and try to take in the enormity of what Christ does, firstly in feeding five thousand or so people (the crowd who generally followed Jesus around eager to see the next thing He did or say, swollen by Pilgrims heading for the Passover in Jerusalem); and then the rather strange episode where Jesus walks on water on the Sea of Galilee.  A couple of extra things to think about: the boy was extremely significant as he gave all that he had to Jesus, who multiplied his giving a thousandfold. And Andrew who didn't give up in a seemingly hopeless situation but saw what he could do. Our trust in Jesus is demonstrated in these times in our lives, when all seems insurmountable, when just to sit and do nothing is not the answer, when trusting in Jesus means going out and trying something. The other thing was the twelve baskets left over. Now these could be seen as the twelve tribes of Israel symbolically asserting that Jesus had come to supply the needs of His people, but more prosaically it reminds us that each disciples, as every good Jew would have done, carried a little basket wherever he went so he was able to fulfil the Jewish hygiene laws. In a similar way to the fact that we would feel lost without our mobile phones, Jews would have thought something was missing if they began travelling without their basket. More of the second miracle tomorrow. 


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