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John 4 v 39 - 54

We can note immediately that Jesus was flexible with His travel! He may have had some vague timetable as He was guided by the Holy Spirit, but He was happy to spend two days in the Samaritan village as the people there embraced His message of good news. We can think of their welcome and commitment in three stages: 1. An introduction. Jesus was introduced to the villagers by the woman at the well. God has allowed Himself generally to be dependent on human agency to spread His message. 2. There was a desire to know Him more. People can be introduced to Christ, but it is for them to decide whether they want to know Him more. 3. There comes discovery and surrender. Many of them came to believe in Jesus as the Saviour of the world. Jesus was not just prophet, expert psychologist, and a model for us to live like, He was Saviour! He rescued people from hopeless situations and gave them the power to be transformed! There then follows what appears a straightforward story of Jesus healing. A man of high standing presents himself to Jesus and asks urgently for the healing of his son. This important man was so desperate he had swallowed his pride. Even though his actions would have caused sensation amongst the onlookers this man didn't care. He was desperate enough to persevere despite the abrasive words of Jesus and his son is healed, not in a spectacular way in front of the crowds, but from a distance, to the disappointment of the thrill-seekers there.  We can learn some things from this story, however: 1. Jesus makes sure people are in earnest when they come to Him. Another example is the Syro-Phoenician woman in Matthew 15 v 21-28.  2. Jesus also tested the man's faith in Him by telling him to return home trusting in His spoken promise. 3. In my experience there are many who experience God's healing power or some life-changing transformation who, when in a better place, carry on as they did before. This man and all his household believed in Jesus, turned to live for Him.  Both these stories challenge us: Have you checked the claims of Christ and seen them as true? Are you willing to surrender your life to Jesus?


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