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John 4 v 15 - 38

There are two revelations before coming to faith for everyone: firstly the revelation of God-who He is and what He has done-and then the revelation about ourselves: we are appalled when we look at ourselves in the light of God. Note however that Jesus both reveals to the Samaritan woman the dreadful and precarious state of her life and at the same time brings hope as a shining beacon into it. The woman was concerned about which place of special worship was to be found and raised old contentions, but Jesus stated that now everyone could worship God in their hearts wherever they were, fulfilling the prophecies of Zephaniah- 2 v 11- and Malachi- 1 v 11.  We are sad that we aren't meeting at Bearfield church and that is a good thing, as we physically meet other believers whom we love, but it is essential that we do not get hung up about such things. True worship is to be found when our spirit mingles with God's Spirit in adoration and intimacy.  The first instinct of the Samaritan woman was to run, leaving her water pot behind, and tell the good news in her neighbourhood. Even though she had trouble from them, she still felt compelled. She was no longer so ashamed of her life that she only went out when others weren't around, she knew what she had been, but she had found someone so precious it had transformed her life! Jesus looked out and He saw the people from the villages rushing out to see Him, all in their white robes : this was the harvest He was eager to reap for His Father. We have an opportunity, the recent commitment to militant atheism by many is fading and people around us are again asking themselves the question: 'Is there something more?'Moby once sang, 'Why does my heart feel so bad?' And he found the answer in Jesus Christ.

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