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John 16 v 16 - 33

Imagine you are one of the disciples of Jesus at this point you have just read about. It is the evening of the day before He dies and there is a part of you which understands that, you are full of sadness, but there are plenty of other emotions swilling around inside you too! It appears in this passage that there is acceptance, full belief and understanding amongst the disciples. This will be mightily tested in the coming days, but it is there and it will re-surface again. The faith that Jesus 'comes from God' will be their anchor and will see them through. The one who brought dissension and complaint into their group has gone to do his worst and these eleven will go on to revolutionise the Roman Empire and eventually what they will preach will be adopted as the official religion of that Empire! You get the feeling that here in this room is where it begins: before the resurrection, before Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit, it is when they express their faith in Him that Jesus knows He has been successful. The Kingdom of God is growing on earth and that fire will not go out. Our faith today is dependent on their faith two thousand years ago.

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