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John 14 v 12 - 31

Jesus clearly sets out His promises to the disciples and if we are His followers too, these promises are for us. Let's list them:

1. We can do what Jesus did! 

2. He will answer our prayers if we are wholly seeking to glorify God in our lives.

3. He has given us the ability to obey His commands.

4. He has sent the Holy Spirit as our advocate (He stands beside us. defending us against all accusers)

5. He will lead us into Truth. ''I am the...Truth''

6. He promises the unconditional love of Father God! (To those who love Him and demonstrate that by their obedience)

7. We will know the peace of God. 8. He knows what lies ahead.

9. He is in control of what lies ahead.

10. He trusts us with the secrets of the Godhead.

A note on verses 12-14: Jesus was physically limited in His lifetime to a small area in Judea. When the Holy Spirit came, the opportunities became exponentially greater as any believer could do, through the power of the Holy Spirit, what Jesus had done in dependence on exactly the same power!

Remind yourself that Jesus was not sent into the world to receive what is His, but to give Himself, to found the self-giving Kingdom of God!

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