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John 1 v 3 - 5

So the Word was not just present at Creation, but central to the whole act. Everything went through Him. In the beginning there was God. Many people in the time when John wrote his Gospel believed that the God of the Old Testament was hostile to the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. By implication, that would have meant that an evil God created everything. and so the New Testament writers, such as John, Peter, Paul and Jude worked hard to counter what was a fundamental assault on the Christian faith. There are two great truths emphasised here: 1. Christianity believes in creation originally without a flaw. Behind everything there is a loving, Almighty, good God and nothing else. Genesis 1: In the beginning God created and He proclaimed it good. The gracious, loving God was satisfied with His work! 2. Christianity believes that this is God's world. God is intimately involved with it and the blame for what has gone wrong is laid at the feet of human rebellion. Believing this should give us a great sense of value and appreciation for the world. John goes on in verse four to introduce his grand themes for his book. Life and light are the great basic words on which the fourth Gospel is built upon. So, at the very beginning Jesus is life, at the very end the resurrected Jesus is life and in between He brings life to many who are dead spiritually and one who was dead physically. John, then, is emphatic that Jesus didn't come to bring death and destruction, but hope and light. And, in case we worship Jesus as if He was in opposition to the Father God, then we have constant reminders throughout the Gospel that Jesus and God the Father are one. Jesus brings light, because it brings chaos to the darkness, it was the first act of God at creation: think what we would not be able to accomplish without light. I've just been early morning shopping and some areas of the supermarket are not fully lit, which made me appreciate the power of light.


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