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Luke 2 v 13 - 20

The last day of Advent and today we look at the remaining few scriptural verses which refer to the birth story. We may ask: 'Where did Luke, Matthew and Mark get their stories from?' The answer is partially to be found in verse 19: Mary was their source. She was an important part of the beginnings of the Church and had actively stored up these memories for when she was certain they would prove invaluable. What an experience for the shepherds! Not just one angelic visitation, but a vast army! Heaven and earth met when the Christ-babe was born. No greater wonder has ever been known before or since that time, but God chose to reveal it to lowly shepherds and to learned wise men who were out their searching the skies! It is the same today. The Church of Christ is a motley crew, consisting of men, women and children of all ethnicities and languages, with vastly different backgrounds all under one vast 'rainbow banner' of the love of Jesus. Every time someone comes to believe in Him and accept Him as their Lord there is a party in Heaven! Just think of the number of parties the angels must be enjoying! Christ came to be born at Christmas for you and for me and for anyone, absolutely anyone, who will turn and accept Him. The gift is free and lasts for all eternity! A joyous, blessed Christmas to you and yours, even in these bleak times! Praise the Lord for He has done all that is needful!


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