Mark 5 v 25 - 29

This woman suffered with a complaint which was very common as we can see that there are eleven remedies given in the Talmud for it! It not only affected her health, but made her ritually unclean, thus cutting her off from the worship of God- Leviticus 15 v 25-27- and the fellowship of her friends.

We can note here that Mark had no time for doctors. In this instance the woman had spent everything that she had and the doctors had made her worse! Thank God for modern medical resources and for antibiotics! She was desperate to know full health and she had faith that Jesus could heal her, but how to approach Him with such an embarrassing situation? Any Rabbi would shoo her away immediately, so she decided to touch His robes secretly, believing that this would bring healing. She managed to touch one of the tassels hanging from His robe and was overjoyed to feel her body knitting together and the flow stopping!

Along with many throughout history this woman had come to Jesus in utter desperation, but from that place she discovered faith, God-given faith, and that had restored her and made her whole. It is important to recognise that this woman and Jairus had reached the end of their natural resources and had turned to Jesus as nothing and no one else could save them. If we are Christians we all will know that feeling, because at least once in our lives we have come to Jesus on our knees and pleaded for His deliverance. It may not have been a chronic physical issue, it may have been mental or spiritual or some ongoing temptation which has floored us so many times we feel that we can no longer get up and face the opponent again, but it brings us to the feet of Jesus and He is our all-sufficency. ''My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus' Name''.


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