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Mark 3 v 20 - 21

A significant couple of verses in that Mark expresses his opinion of the escalating situation around Jesus: it was so crowded that no one could move. You may have experienced this issue when leaving a football match or rock concert, that sense of having no choice but to go where the crowd is going! Mark also comments about the reaction of Jesus' family and their apparent horror at the things that were happening. They felt that Jesus was being carried away metaphorically as well as almost literally!

Why did they feel this way?

1. Jesus had left home and the carpenter's business to become a wandering preacher. He had walked away from security to become a vagrant, with no place to lay His head.

2. They were worried that He had taken His opposition to the religious leaders too far. No one could take on the Scribes and Pharisees and get away with it.

3. Yes, He had His followers; but what a strange group they were! They were not the kind of people someone who was set on an influential career would choose for themselves!

We know Jesus was not just a man of words, but of action too and He had made it clear that the pathway for most people was not His way.

1. He threw away security. Most people aim for a secure job where there are as few material and financial risks as possible.

2. He threw away safety. Most people are more concerned with the safety of any action they may commit to than its rightness or wrongness. The actions of the German Church during the rise of Hitler is a case in point. Only the few like Dietrich Bonhoeffer stood against him.

3. He was completely indifferent to what others thought about Him. Are you more concerned about what others might think about you than what God thinks of you?

Jesus was willing to risk everything in order to do His Father's will. Are we prepared to do the same?


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