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Mark 11 v 1 - 6

The life and ministry of Jesus Christ is beginning to draw to its end. He and His followers are coming near to Jerusalem where the final events of His life will take place. As we study this passage, remind yourself of the places Jesus had spent time in: Galilee; the hill country of Judea; the regions beyond the Jordan; the period of withdrawal around Caesarea Philippi. He had recently journeyed through Jericho, near the Dead Sea. Now He returns to Jerusalem for the third of His three Passovers during His ministry. Living close to the great city are Lazarus, Mary and Martha and it is to that area-Bethphage and Bethany-that He heads. Jesus planned things: He had previously arranged with the owner of the colt to have it available when He needed it and He gave the disciples the agreed password for the owner to lend it. Just as the Old Testament prophet had used actions as well as words to get across their message, so Jesus dramatically demonstrates His claim to be the Messiah. He fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah (9 v 9) as He sits astride the donkey on the crowded road into Jerusalem. His actions proclaimed that He came in peace and to bring peace, as in those days when a King went to war He rode on a horse. Again then, Jesus acted in contradiction of what was expected of Him and still the crowds of people only saw Him as the King who would conquer Rome and the other nations and make Israel a world power, just as it was in the time of King David. Is your picture of Jesus askew? Do you view Him incorrectly? Or perhaps you take certain aspects of His character and ignore others? You worship Him as gracious shepherd, loving friend, but you ignore that He is also Righteous Judge and Maker and Sustainer of the Universe? One of the reasons we study the Bible is so that we can gain a true picture of who Jesus is and fall down and worship the true living Lord!


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