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Mark 1 v 32 - 34

Jesus is full of Holy Spirit-filled compassion and power. The things which Jesus had done in Capernaum could not be concealed: imagine how things were for the person who was chronically ill or disabled in those days-doctors were costly and almost totally ineffectual- think of the woman with the issue of blood and Luke's comment on the state of things in that day-Luke 8 v 43, possibly only in the footnote- unless you were fortunate to have financial support, you were reduced to begging and many considered you an outcast, in this religious society it was assumed that you or your parents had done something badly wrong and that God was now punishing you!

So, the vast gathering of those who were sick and disabled descended on Jesus at Peter's house. They would have had to wait until evening on this sabbath day, as the Jewish Law forbade anyone carrying a burden through the town.

Three times we have seen Jesus healing people in this first chapter: He has healed in the Synagogue, healed in the house of His friends, and now He healed on the street, outside in front of many. The people flocked to Him, because they recognised that He was a man who could do things. He dealt not only in fine words and challenging thoughts, but also in deeds to match them. Through all the centuries, people have looked for an effective person; that is, someone who could transform their lives. Witness the crowds who attended the Billy Graham events and he would have admitted that he was just a poor quality of Jesus, although empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak words of truth and life into peoples' hearts. There has never been anyone like Jesus and never will be.

However, these first crowds came because they wanted something out of Him: they wanted the headaches to go, the blindness to be healed; the unclean spirit to be driven out, the legs to be made strong again. They can't be blamed for their attitude and many still have the same attitude today. It is only in a crisis that they turn to God, but this is not what God requires. He may bring healing because He is full of mercy and grace, but He wants a people who will be grateful and love wholeheartedly and sacrificially in return. What is the evidence you can bring to demonstrate your love for Him?

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