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Mark 1 v 14 - 15

We can read more of John the Baptist's story and his premature death in Matthew 14 v 1-12. As John predicted, he would get less as Jesus grew greater.

In the message of Jesus there are three great words of the Christian faith:

1. There is the GOOD NEWS! This was exciting transformational news Jesus was bringing! It wasn't some kind of 'positive message' about only thinking good thoughts or whatever: no, this was TRUTH, with the coming of Jesus Christ human beings could clearly see what God is like. It is also a message of HOPE. Jesus came into a pessimistic world, because humanity could not become good in its own strength, but He would provide everything with which to live holy lives- the rescuer had come to rescue. And it was a message of PEACE, because Jesus unified the warring factions within humans, providing victory over sin and death and bringing unity between people and God. It was also good news of God's promise; Christianity tells us of the God who is ready to give far more than what we ask and a Gospel of immortality and salvation: Jesus gives us the wherewithal to live triumphant, victorious lives both today and forever!

2. There is the word REPENT. The Greek here is 'metanoia' and literally means 'a change of mind'. Repentance then means much more than feeling sorry about our sins, it means to hate sin itself. Does the thought of sin and sinning fill you with disgust, or do you continue to play around its edges?

3. ''Believe'', Jesus proclaims. Take Jesus at His Word, believe that God is the kind of God Jesus has told us about, that He would be prepared to make any sacrifice to bring us back to Himself. God reaches for us: for you and for me.

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