Galatians 5 v 7 - 10

We have been reminded that Christianity is not about a commitment to full obedience to the Law as a means of salvation, but of a personal relationship of love with our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Essentially, we do not worship a book, not even a sacred book-the Bible, but we worship a person, the Lord Jesus Christ. If someone starts quoting the book of Leviticus to you as the reason why they do or believe certain things, then think about what Jesus said and did! Scriptures declare that a woman AND A MAN caught in adultery should be stoned: Jesus told the adulterous woman, ''You are free to go, don't sin anymore''. Jesus came to fulfil the Law, but in doing so redefined it for human living. Through Him the Law was more clearly defined so as to protect women, orphans, the sick and the alien. Jesus is to be the very centre of our doing and our being and through Him we are free to live abundant lives of obedience to Him. Are you feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, downcast? Then go deeper with Jesus, burrow more fully into Him. Pray more, listen more, read more. In some ways the coming period of lockdown will be more difficult than the last. Although it is for a known period of time, we won't get the beautiful warm Spring days we had last time. More people will find that the meaningless of their lives overwhelms them. You are called to be in a good place to reach out to your neighbour, that member of your family, your friend, to support them and to show them the love of Jesus through comforting words and potentially humbling tasks, just as Jesus did. The potential end result for those who reject the way of Christ is the way of the Priests of Cybele in Phrygia, a neighbouring area to Galatia. They demonstrated their desperate devotion to their god by castrating themselves! The Way of Christ is the way of peace and of love (we will be studying chapter 5 v 22, 23 in a couple of days).


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