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Galatians 1 v 11 - 17

In this passage, Paul gives the reasons why he could rightly call himself an apostle and centrally he brings up his radical change of thinking and lifestyle. Luke records in his book of Acts that Saul, who became Paul was one of those who agreed completely with the stoning of Stephen-7 v 59, 8 v 1-and it was he who brought a great wave of persecution on believers causing many to flee: the diaspora of Christians had begun-8 v 3, 9 v 1,2-and Saul was using all his energies to destroy the Church. We read elsewhere that Paul had been one of the star scholars of the world of Judaism, he had been a fanatic for the Law; but all that had changed when Jesus met with him. The dominant theme in his life now was God's grace to him. With every part of his being, he now sought to spread the Good News of the Christian faith as far as possible. Paul gave himself to a life of service, as with all of us he had been saved to serve. Maybe you have been a Christian believer for a short time: where can you best serve God? Where does it feel God is leading you? Maybe you are at an age where you are not so mobile, but God then gives us a prayer or a listening ministry. Perhaps you have been a Christian for many years: reflect, consider your life; where has God been at work? What would He have you to do for Him? It may not be something Pauline in scope, it may be to care for one child or one parent for this time..I will pray for you. God bless


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