Ephesians 5 v 8 - 14

The words of verse ten are quite a challenge for me: do I spend time working through what pleases Jesus? Yes, there are times when it is black and white and there is an overall commitment to obeying God, but do I look at the details? John Wesley used and encouraged others to use, a journal, where he recorded what he felt God was saying to him and what he had done badly and well each day. That is why the Church which he formed are called 'Methodists'. It does measure up with the call here to follow Jesus step by step, day by day. I think that many in our type of Evangelical/Post-Evangelical church have been encouraged to wait for the big call, but in my experience as well as for those in Scriptures, the call comes day by day in lots of tiny steps. Paul gives a quote at the end of the passage we are looking at today, but it doesn't come from the Old Testament. It is thought likely that he was quoting a hymn, possibly the hymn sung when new converts came out of the waters of baptism. Most Christians' theological understanding (what they think about God) comes from hymns and many have profound lyrics which resonate deep in our minds when we need them most. Listen to Christian songs when you have the chance. Fi's step-mother died with dementia a few years ago and the one thing she could still do towards the end of her life was sing Christian hymns with us. She still recalled the words!

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