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Ephesians 4 v 7 - 13

Paul reiterates in this passage that the goal is unity and knowledge of Jesus Christ. If our reading of Scriptures, our prayers, our meditations do not bring us the desire for greater unity with our fellow believers then there is an issue. Remember, we are not seeking to worship and serve the Jesus Christ of our imaginations, but the person revealed in the Bible and who has come to reign in our hearts. Quite a few of you talk with me about your desire to know others in Bearfield more fully and I would encourage you to do as I do in this respect. Contact people and with most you will get a time and date to meet, but be business-like about this organising of meetings: don't expect that they will just drop-in, I don't think that happens much these days. Make the most of those who have been chosen to serve. Contact me if you would like someone to listen for an hour or so or to pray with you or if you just want someone to talk with. Don't be shy, you employ me and this is one of my commitments AND I love to meet with you! Watch youtube clips of great preachers, listen to podcasts of superb expositors like Tom Wright, put some Christian music on and mediate on the words. Be intentional about knowing Jesus more. As Paul stated in the letter we will be studying soon (Philippians 3 v 7-9), ''I now consider all things worthless compared with the infinite value of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord.'' Make that your aim.

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