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Ephesians 3 v 18 - 21

Step outside, look around you, maybe go to the White Horse, observe the landscape all around you. Breathe. Paul invites us to go higher, to envisage in our mind's eye the limitless sky above, the depth of the earth and to say to ourselves: ''The love of Christ is as vast as that!''. For me, the wonder of getting to know other Christian believers is to observe what God is doing in them and through them that they don't see at all! They still feel that they are struggling human beings, often caught up in guilt and shame, looking at others who seem to be doing so much better than they are as followers of Jesus. They don't see the outworking of the Holy Spirit in their lives. In one way they cannot: it would only lead to pride and complacency. I spend time with a lot of you who read this blog and that is my joy: to see the signs of the loving caress of the living God. I've said before that I have a photo block in our living room which states from a Psalm: ''I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.'' We do not worship a God who is limited and indifferent: God loves to do in you far more than you would ever expect Him to do. He is intentionally at work in you not just to make you complete, but to bless many through your life. Be certain that He has done, is doing and will continue to do that.


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