Ephesians 1 v 22 - 23

The doxologies of Paul-of which these two verses constitute one-are awesome and full of authority, where Paul's thoughts explore the glories of God and uplift the listener. He declares that the Church is the body of Christ: He died to bring unity, to bring all the discordant elements in the universe into one, to wipe out the separations, men and women reconciled, people reconciled with God. However, how can the world know about this history-transforming event? Through the Church, the hands and feet of Christ's body. Amazingly, the incredible glory which Jesus brought into the world cannot be made effective without the work of the Church. And who is the Church? People like you and me, frail, temperamental human beings called by God to be His ambassadors. Jesus Christ, far from being a dead martyr, is alive and active and the work of the Gospel is gradually filling every place. I have a friend who worked for many years in International Gospel radio (FEBA), telling the Good News to the peoples of Asia. They received many letters from those in countries where missionaries were banned from entering, but very few from the populous country of China. Then things became more relaxed there and there was an avalanche of mail! He told me about one letter from a Chinese Pastor asking questions about doctrine. Assuming that he was leading a church, the question was asked about numbers who attended. He replied to say that he was currently pastoring over 100 churches, none of which had less than 100 attendees!! The Word of God is living and active and as hardcore Evangelical Atheism begins to falter in its influence, we have fresh opportunities to witness to the love of God and to help in Christ's work of filling everywhere with His fragrance.


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