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Philippians 4 v 14 - 23

I love that the Gospel spread insidiously throughout the Roman Empire and even in Caesar's household there were converts! Wherever Paul went, whether as free man or bound in chains the Good News was proclaimed. We can again observe that Paul was no one man band: he relied on the prayers, financial support and gifts of those like the church at Philippi. The way we spend our money reflects our hearts: read the many parables which Jesus gave concerning the use of our finances. I must say that, in studying the book of Philippians again in order to write these notes, it has reminded me what a powerful theological and pastoral missive it is. Paul has no particular axe to grind in writing to this fellowship, he just want to support, encourage and thank. Some of the most beautiful, profound sentences are to be found in this short letter: we can find much to encourage us to raise our heads during this extraordinarily bleak January month. Hope is what we are founded upon and Paul lifts our hearts to recognise afresh how greatly we are blessed who are in Christ!


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