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Mark 6 v 45 - 52

We can learn a bit more about this event by looking at John's account in his Gospel. He tells us that, after the crowd had been fed miraculously, they became determined to make Jesus their King, something which was against everything Jesus stood for-His was the way of the servant, of sacrificial self-giving-and would have caused an end to His ministry prematurely-there were still things to be accomplished. So Jesus sent away His disciples and then quieted the crowd and moved them on. Then He went up into a mountain to pray. You may recall that Jesus did this at significant times in His ministry and this was one: He not only had pressure from those who would make Him King, but hostility from the Jewish religious leaders and deep suspicion from Herod, who viewed Him as another John the Baptist. He spent some time on the mountain. It was almost Passover time and in the light of the full moon He was able to view the disciples struggling to get their boat across the lake. He again moved instantly from prayerful contemplation and communion to action: walking across the lake, He arrived near to their boat, but it was if He meant to pass them by. The disciples cried out in wonder and recognition and Jesus came into the boat and all was stilled. The One who had just fed 5000 people was Lord of all, wind, sea, their fears: He alone could bring peace.

And that is the same today. During this time of pandemic, of climate emergency, of huge global population, many of necessity on the move, Jesus brings the same peace and worship into men and women and children's hearts. He alone can do this, He alone is our refuge, our rock.


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