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Mark 5 v 30 - 34

There was this crowd pushing and shoving around Jesus as He moved towards Jairus' home, yet the touch of faith registered as different to the other touches. We may ask ourselves the question: if Jesus was always in a place to bring healing, that wherever He went, if someone had touched Him believing that He could heal them, then power would have gone out of Him or was it that He was going to a home where the healing touch was essential, so that His spirit was prepared for that? This passage also tells us that it cost Jesus to heal, power went out of Him. I knew someone who had the gift of exorcism and whenever he was needed he would go and seek healing for the person. However, afterwards he would be out for the count for days! We read of Jesus often seeking time to Himself, He needed restoring, He was human as we are. This passage also tells us something about the disciples. The disciples' attitude was the one of common sense and we can see the limitations of that approach. They had never realised that it cost Jesus to heal others! I'm sure you have personal experience of being surprised by someone you are close to when they do something out of character? Jesus must have constantly surprised His disciples! The one the disciples loved and had given their lives to follow and yet they could be very insensitive to Him and to His message. Don't we so often hurt worse those we love! Remember to pray for that insight about others which is sensitive and imaginative, it really isn't all about us! It also tells us something about the woman. There was huge relief in her public confession: no longer in the shadows, in her need, her desperate need, she had courageously stepped out in front of the huge crowd and declared herself and her sickness. The joy and sense of acceptance she must have felt when Jesus called her: ''Daughter''! And then He told her that her faith had made her well. I think back and recall women I've known who've lived in the shadows, perhaps they have been chronically ill especially with mental health issues, or maybe they are being abused by their husbands, often it is because nobody has ever praised them and encouraged them. If that is you, be set free as you experience the love of Jesus for you: He calls you out, He looks you in the eye, He brings healing and then He speaks to you with great and tender love and He brings you the respect which should always have been yours!


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