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Mark 3 v 7 - 12

In terms of numbers coming out to hear Jesus and see Him perform miracles, this is probably the peak of His ministry. Jesus had to leave preaching in the synagogues, but this brought the opportunity for many more people to see Him. Jesus didn't fear the consequences of continuing to preach in the synagogues, but He recognised that His time had not yet come, there was much to do and say before that time.

We are informed that some journeyed one hundred miles to see Jesus, the distance from Jerusalem to Galilee! Crowds even came from other nations: Tyre and Sidon were Phoenician. In reading this passage, one has the distinct impression that things are almost out of control- Jesus had a boat made ready in case things became too difficult as the crowds were no longer waiting for Him to touch them, but were rushing to hold Him themselves. One can get a feeling of the desperation of those who had been ill for so long with no hope of a cure. As we have noted, there was the particular issue for Jesus with those who were demon-possessed. They cried out: ''You are the Son of God!'' This was by no means an unusual title: the Kings of Egypt and the Roman Emperors used this as a moniker. It was used in the Bible as a description of someone who is specially near to God- 'has God's ear'. Jesus was forceful in declaring that they should be silent, as the popular idea of what the Son of God, the Messiah, would accomplish was very different from the path Jesus would be treading. His way would not be to rise up against the Romans and defeat them in battle, but the way of love, servanthood and sacrifice. Jesus would have to re-educate His listeners as to what the Messiah really did. People have many different ideas of who Jesus is even today. Do you know Him as He truly is? Have you studied the Scriptures to remind yourself of the prophecies made about Him and the Gospels and other scriptures? It is all about Jesus and if our understanding of Him is out of line, then your faith will struggle. Are you following Jesus, or someone else whose composite parts have been made up within your mind?

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