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Mark 14 v 32 - 42

We must recall that the authorities are hunting for Jesus, so He needed to keep moving and to stay in the Upper Room was to invite arrest there. The Garden of Gethsemane, one of many private gardens on the side of the Mount of Olives, appears to have been a regular place for Jesus to walk with His disciples in the cool of the evening. The scent from the various flowers would be strong and quiet conversations could be had away from the hubbub of Jerusalem. It feels like we have intruded more and more into the privacy of Jesus. We have been with Him into the Upper Room and witnessed the Last Supper with all the rites of Passover.

Jesus' arrest and death were imminent; Jesus knew this and even the disciples would have been aware that Judas Iscariot had left their group in order to betray Jesus. What Jesus most wanted at this time was human company and fellowship with His Father. Yet again, the Twelve disappointed: they could not stay awake after the excitements of the day.

Certain things come across clearly about Jesus in this passage:

1. He did not want to die. He was only thirty three and there was so much more to be done. He had seen crucifixion and He shuddered at the thought of it.

2. It appears that Jesus didn't fully understand why this had to be. It is very interesting in that way, this passage, as Jesus still asks to be able to escape what lay before Him. Even Jesus had to TRUST AND OBEY!

3. He submitted to the will of God. Jesus uses the intimate word for 'Father': even at this terrible hour with the knowledge of the appalling way He is to die, Jesus trusts in the goodness and perfect plan of His Father. If we can call out, ''Abba, Father'', then everything becomes bearable.

The end of this passage announces the arrival of Judas with a band of soldiers. The Jewish religious leaders must have been very pleased that they had the opportunity to arrest Jesus away from the crowds in Jerusalem and to bring Him in at night when the city would be asleep. What was the reaction of Jesus? He didn't try to run away, but He stood to face them and remained in charge throughout His arrest, trial and death. Jesus was not one for turning back!


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