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Mark 14 v 22 - 26

We obviously see this rite as Communion or the Lord's Supper, but these were originally descriptions of the various steps of the Passover Feast:

1. THE CUP OF THE 'KIDDUSH'. This word means 'separation', so this act separated this meal from regular commonplace meals. The head of the family or the host-Jesus in this instance-took the cup and prayed over it and then everyone drank.

2. THE FIRST HANDWASHING. Three times the person who was to celebrate the feast must wash his hands in a certain ritualised way.

3. a piece of parsley or lettuce was taken and dipped in the bowl of salt water and eaten. The parsley symbolized the hyssop with which the lintel of the Israelites in Egypt had been smeared with blood and the salt represented the tears of Egypt and the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea.

4. THE BREAKING OF BREAD. There were two blessings used at this point and the middle of three loaves of unleavened bread laid on the table was taken and a little portion was eaten.

5. THE STORY OF ISRAEL'S DELIVERANCE WAS REPEATED. To the youngest person in the room was given the task of asking the question of what made this day different than others and the head of the household would then tell the great story.


7. THE SECOND CUP WAS DRUNK. This was termed 'Haggadah', the cup of proclaiming.

8. Everyone present washed their hands.

9. A grace was said and small pieces of the unleavened bread were distributed.

10. some of the bitter herbs were placed between two pieces of unleavened bread, dipped in the 'charosheth' and eaten.

11. After the eating of the meal, the whole lamb must be eaten.

12. The hands were washed again.

13. The rest of the unleavened bread was consumed. Jesus made this His own as He broke the bread.

14. There was a prayer of thanksgiving and the third cup was drunk. Again, Jesus made this His own too.

15. The second part of the 'Hallel'- Psalms 115-118- was sung.

16. The fourth cup was drunk and Psalm 136, the 'Great Hallel', was sung. This would have been the hymn which the disciples and Jesus sang before they went out to the Mount of Olives.

17. Two short prayers were said

18. The meal ended.

Jesus used the awesome rituals of the Passover Feast to imprint on the mind of His disciples through His actions the personification of the Feast.


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