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Mark 13 v 28 - 37

So, to complete this chapter, we study a much more straightforward passage! There are three special things to note here:

1. We may question the declaration of Jesus that all this would happen within a generation, but we must remind ourselves that Jesus is prophesying two events...the Second Coming AND the fall of Jerusalem, which was to happen thirty or so years later.

2. We are reminded that we should not study these prophecies in order to work out a time for the Second Coming, because even Jesus did not know when this would occur. Going deeper, it is of great interest that God the Father could keep things from Jesus Christ or that He would choose to and we are reminded that the mystery of the Godhead is great! I will leave the seeking to discover those sort of answers to much more intelligent people!

3. But His conclusion is a practical one: we know that our Master will come, we just don't know when, so our day by day work must be completed and we should live in such a way that it does not matter when He comes, we will be like the wise bridesmaids who always had a ready supply of oil.

I think you will agree that this has been a very complex chapter and well done if you have made it through! It is worth persevering because it tells us truths about God and His followers:

1. We learn that only God's people have the privilege of seeing the secrets of history. We know that to truly lead a country well, the leader must be God-guided and that's where we have the great joy of a Christian Queen. Elsewhere, we all have our own thoughts!

2. It has been emphasised that we are not to concern ourselves about times for the Second Coming. The truly wise person will be ready when the summons comes.


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