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John 3 v 1 - 8

John chapter three is one of the best known and most read of Bible passages. I want to make a few observations to help in our reading...

1. We see that the Jewish religious leaders weren't united in their opposition to Jesus. John the writer recognises that life is full of grey rather than just black and white. Everyone is in motion-either towards the light or away from it.

2. We can note that Nicodemus appears further on in Scriptures John 7 v 50-52 he bravely stands against his colleagues; after Jesus' death recorded in John 19 v 38-42 he brings myrrh and aloes to anoint His body.

3. Jesus didn't answer his question, but He drew him deeper. It must have been very uncomfortable to be around Jesus!

4. You may have in your footnote for v.3 the alternative translation to 'born again' as 'born from above', which is more accurate. Nicodemus mistakenly thinks Jesus is talking about the physical realm, when Jesus is speaking of the deeper, spiritual realm. 

5. Jesus refers to Ezekiel's prophecy in Ez. 36 v 25-28 when He tells Nicodemus that people can only enter the Kingdom of God through water and the Holy Spirit. The waters of baptism were of supreme importance to John, as was the fire of the Spirit.

6. It is God alone who initiates and produces this birth from above. So, who is it available to? Look on to verse 16 and 17: anyone and everyone!

A couple of challenges...Are you in motion towards the light or are you fleeing from it? Have you been baptised in water and filled with the Holy Spirit? Do you want to go deeper with Jesus? Are you prepared to have your life transformed by welcoming Jesus into your heart?

More to follow


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