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John 17 v 9 - 19

Here is a passage packed with truths:

1. The disciple is given to Jesus by God. The Holy Spirit moves our hearts to respond to God.

2. Glory comes to Jesus through the disciple. The people whom Jesus has saved bring honour to Him.

3. Disciples by definition are commissioned to do a job. Jesus sent out His disciples just as God sent out Jesus. Jesus prays for His disciples that they may be such shining examples of Him that the world is drawn to God.

4. Jesus offers His disciples joy.

5. He also brings warnings. Warnings are for our protection.

6. Jesus prayed that His disciples should find victory in the world (to John, the world stands for human society organising itself without God). Note that He didn't pray that they might escape it. Christians are called to live out their faith in the rough and tumble of life.

7. He prayed for the disciples' unity, that we may be one as He and His Father are one.

8. Jesus prayed that His disciples would be protected against the attacks of the evil one. That we fall so often is due to the fact that we try to fight the devil in our own strength; we must trust in God and in His Almighty power.

9. Jesus prayed that His disciples might be set apart for this sacred task which they had been assigned to do (Jeremiah 1 v 5).

10. Jesus' prayer was also that His followers should be equipped with the qualities of mind and heart and character which are essential for this task. In order to serve the living, Holy God, we too must be holy!

After two thousand years, there remains much to do still. He has called you, redeemed you, set you apart: Will you follow Him?


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