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John 17 v 20 - 26

In this passage we have been looking at the details of Jesus' prayer to His Father. First, Jesus prayed for Himself-recognising the necessity so as to receive strength for what lay ahead; secondly, He prayed for His disciples and now we read that He prays for all believers over the world and over time. Jesus knew that this was going to become a life-transforming message for billions of people. The cross is still before Him, but His confidence in the extent and longevity of the Good News He has brought is unshakeable. 

We do fall so often to taking passages and sentences out of context when we read the Bible. Our first thought should be trained to be: 'What did this passage I've just read mean to the original readers?' It will transform your understanding of books like 1 and 2 Corinthians and many others. However, in this instance, we can take this prayer of Jesus for ourselves as He meant it for 21st century Western Europe believers along with all other times and places.

Jesus imparts His glory on to us, His followers. Where do we follow Him and for how long? Wherever He leads us, through the valley of the shadow of death and in green pastures and we follow Him until we die, no retirement-no periods thinking of yourself only, just always walking in the footsteps of our Master, covered by the dust He kicks up, so closely are we following Him. This glory is not easily won, it takes a lifetime to fully appear in us. I've known a very few people, generally elderly, whom I have seen reflecting God's glory. Even then it is as I Corinthians 13 v 12 describes, 'through a glass darkly'.

Are you ready for this journey? Jesus calls you to 'Come, follow me'; are you fearful, nervous, anxious? Don't worry little sheep because your Father promises to go with you wherever you go and His Word is never broken!


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