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James 5 v 19 - 20

Testimonies are always encouraging and stick in your mind for a long time after you have heard them, but one that has stuck with me for many years was the one given by a person who was going through rehab. He had been there before a few times, but always left and returned to his old life of drugs and alcohol. This time however had been different. He had tried to walk out, but there was another man going through rehab at the same time as him who wouldn't leave his side. When he left the building in order to catch a bus to begin the long journey home to South Shields, this man went with him. He knew what it was like as he had absconded from rehab before too and so he stuck by him. He began to recognise that this man wanted him to succeed and was willing to risk his own health to make that happen. He had given his testimony on the last Sunday before he left rehab. He was healed physically and mentally and he had come to accept that Jesus wanted the very best for him; even more than his friend did. Whenever I read this passage, I am reminded of him. I think that it is an extraordinary gift when someone understands a person well enough to support them completely, whilst being sensitive to that person's freedom of choice. I like to think that the sins of both are forgiven by God when He observes such an act of love: everyone else has long given up, yet one still remains and through that one person comes healing. Are you that person? Is there someone to whom God is calling you to support in such a way? Tomorrow we begin to study Peter's first letter.


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