Galatians 3 v 15 - 22

So, how is the Way of grace superior to the Way of the Law? Firstly, the Way of grace was given before the Law. Interestingly here, Paul estimates God's gift to Abraham as 430 years before the giving of the Ten Commandments to the wandering nation of Israel. God's promise to Abraham was in response to Abraham's act of faith in Him. The coming of the Law did not negate the promise of righteousness through faith. God promised Abraham that One would come who completely fulfilled the Law in every respect and Jesus Christ is now He whom we look for salvation from. The problem of all human life is that naturally we live in a state of enmity with God. Humans are rightly afraid of God and His judgement, so we cannot know peace. Paul had tried as hard as anyone to find peace through meticulous obedience to the Law and that had lead him to be complicit in murder! Men and women's imperfections can never fully satisfy God's perfection: the only way forward is to abandon all of that and bring ourselves and our sin to God. When we do that He opens His arms to us and becomes no longer our judge but our Father! Paul goes on to answer the obvious question which comes to mind: 'Why introduce the Law at all?' Paul writes that the Law was brought in to show sin to be what it is. Before the Law came, people could not be condemned for doing wrong if they didn't know that they were doing wrong. The Law defined sin. It would be obvious to think then that the Law is the polar opposite of grace, but Paul states that the Law drives people like himself, in their utter helplessness to discover the Way of grace. This Way is entirely from God. No human being can change it or annul it and it is the only Way to God. We fall on all knees before Almighty God and receive this eternal gift which NO ONE can take away!


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