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Ephesians 6 v 10 - 17

You can imagine Paul writing this passage while under house arrest, chained to a Roman soldier. It acts as a clear reminder both to the original readers and listeners and to the modern reader that Paul endured much in order to spread the Gospel. He had rejected the easy path of the Pharisee to follow Jesus through beatings, stonings, shipwreck and much else. Paul does not underestimate the enemy. He has seen the devil in action too many times to ignore his attacks. It is the unwise person who turns his back on such a cunning foe. Such defences as a commitment to truth (note Jesus' stand at His trial in John 18 v 37, 38), don't assume that you can defend successfully on your own, but trust wholly in God, stand firm in the faith: this is almost a self-declaration, that whatever comes you will trust in God, the assurance of salvation not by what we have done, but through Christ alone-the devil cannot destroy this then by pointing out our faults. And we are not left alone, the Holy Spirit is always with us to protect, guide and comfort. 'The peace which comes from the Good News' reminds us that we experience the peace of God in every circumstance in our lives. We can feel it in a beautiful Spring walk on a windy ridge and we can experience it when we are waiting in the hospital for an appointment the results of which could upset the equanimity of our lives. I led a funeral yesterday and I was particularly asked to read these words: ''Peace I give you, my peace I leave with you''. Words which Jesus said to the disciples on the evening before He died

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