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Colossians 2 v 9 - 13

Probably the most incredible, outrageous statement is sandwiched into these verses: 'In Christ lives all the fulness of God in a human body'. Reflect on that for a few minutes: God, who made the Universe and all that is in it and who sustains it by His powerful hand: He lives in a human body, but in all His fulness! If it wasn't Paul writing this, we would have cause to challenge the veracity of this statement. Paul goes on to explain how it is that we can be confident that we will be resurrected in a new body. He reminds his readers that it is through the symbolism of baptism, believers can feel assured that Christ will raise them to new life: in baptism, the believer is taken under the water, 'buried' and then he or she is raised not by their own power but through the power of the Other. Obviously, it is generally the Pastor or some mature Christian who lifts the person up, but they are symbolically Christ for that moment. I don't think this means that if you don't ever get baptised, then you won't be resurrected, but why not get baptised? It is in obedience to Christ's commands, who only gave two 'sacraments' for the believer to follow, the other being regular sharing and partaking of Communion, the bread and wine. The key thing for me about baptism is that it demonstrates visibly you are trusting in Christ alone for your salvation and eternal life. So, how about it? I'm always happy to chat, whether about this matter or any other. God bless you this day, David


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