Colossians 1 v 21 - 29

I would say that 'tenacious' would have been an apt summary of Paul's character. Nothing seemed to stop him for long and his commitment to spreading the Gospel was total. He was a very astute theologian, yet he also recognised the simplicity of the Good News: challenging enough in its complexity to keep the brightest intellects discussing its meaning, yet simple enough for a child to understand and embrace. One of the great theologians was once asked what phrase summed up the Christian faith for him. He replied: ''Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.'' The wonder of God's saving grace is that it is a complete and permanent solution for sinful human beings. In one sense, we now stand before Almighty God and we can only do so through Christ within us who enables us to come into the Holy presence without fault. This is now how God sees us! This means that we should no longer live in a state of guilt for those things we have done which God in Christ has forgiven us and we should not seek 'extras' in the Christian faith. There are no 'super Christians', perhaps those who exhibit the Charismatic gifts or have particular talents: we are all one and all equal before God. Female, male, poor, rich, enslaved, free, African, Chinese, Asian, white middle class English, homeless, prostitutes, paedophiles, addicts, loved fully by God.

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