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2 Corinthians 10 v 7 - 18

With a large splash of irony, Paul continues to answer his critics. Again, please remember that we are only hearing one side of the argument and we can only deduce what the criticisms were from Paul's reply to them. So, firstly: 1. Some of Paul's opponents seem to be asserting that he didn't belong to Christ in the same way as they did! Perhaps it was because of his past or possibly they claimed a special holiness. I personally find it astounding that anyone might LOOK DOWN on Paul! 2. Some of them even chose to make jibes about his personal appearance. A very early book dating back to around AD200 stated that Paul was 'a man of little stature, thin haired, crooked in the legs, eyebrows meeting, with a nose somewhat hooked, full of grace and sometimes his countenance shone like the face of an angel'! 3. They accused Paul of making boastful claims to authority in sphere which he should have no jurisdiction over. These accusations were being made against the man who had founded the church in Corinth! 4. Paul turns the tables and levels a charge against them. He claims that their claims to authority come only from themselves, his authority comes from Christ directly. Paul wants the situation at Corinth sorted so that he can go on to regions beyond, where no one had preached the Gospel. That was always Paul's desire. The person who loves Christ will always be haunted by the thought of the millions who have never known the Christ who means so much to him or her.

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