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1 Corinthians 3 v 10 - 15

Throughout his letters, Paul uses a multitude of images to accentuate his thoughts and to communicate them accurately to his readers. In this passage he speaks about being an expert builder, in other words, no one can complain about their foundation as new believers. It would be then how they chose to build from there, whether with materials that would withstand all kinds of assault or not. It's interesting that Paul still declares that 'once saved always saved', but some will get into the Kingdom by the skin of their teeth! Paul's great gift, and by necessity, was to be a church-builder. He was always on the move, partly for his own personal safety. Yes, he stayed three years in Ephesus, but less than a month in Thessalonica and that was far more typical. He introduced men and women to the person of Jesus Christ and it is in Him alone that anyone can find a future, because: 1. In Him is found forgiveness for PAST SINS. God becomes a friend rather than an enemy. 2. In Jesus is found STRENGTH for the PRESENT. No longer an isolated individual fighting a lone battle with an adverse universe, he or she can look forward to witnessing the victory of God in the outworking of His plans. 3. In Him is found HOPE for the FUTURE. It is possible to look ahead in a positive way and be expectant for a time when death no longer has the final say and living is a rich, multi-dimensional experience. I heard recently that Eternity will be similar to the person who has only lived in a two dimensional world discovering that there is a third dimension! Untold riches await the believer! So, when Christ comes again, the wrong and even the inadequate will be swept away. We should test everything now in the light of Scripture, not by our own opinion or anyone else's!


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