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1 Corinthians 10 v 23 - 11 v 1

As always Paul is practical and gives some pragmatic advice at the end of this long passage on the question of eating meat offered to idols. This is a summary of what he writes:

1. A Christian can buy anything that is sold in the shops without question. All things ultimately are God's and should be eaten in the spirit of thankfulness to Him.

2. Accept anything that is given to you when you go to eat at someone's house: be a good guest. However, if a fellow believer informs you that he or she is troubled by the knowledge that the meat has been offered as a sacrifice to an idol, don't eat it...which brings us to the basics:

3. A fundamental principle is that what we do and don't do as believers is determined not only be our own conscience, but the sense of how it will affect other Christians. Christian freedom is real, but that freedom should not ever be used to hurt others, only to help them.

That duty extended to the Jews- that is, to those who generally were hostile to the Christian Faith; to the Greeks-that is, to those who generally were indifferent to Christianity; and to the fellow church members, as it is a fact of life that there are people we look up to and if you are a mature Christian there will be those in the church looking up to you as a role model, just as many new believers of that time looked up to such as Paul.


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