Here at Bearfield we are would like to share with you some poems from our resident poet, Mary Bayton. We do update this every few months so do come back another time.


Crying for Joy

Today I’m feeling right uptight
Don’t know why, I slept all night.
Why should it be? I wonder why;
Why is it I want to cry?

God’s given me a wonderful life,
A wonderful man
I became his wife.
Two wonderful children
Grown up so strong
A granddaughter to love
My whole life long.

So, why do I keep saying, ‘Please’
When I should be here
Down on my knees,
Thanking God for all His love
And for His guidance from above?

I think it’s cos, He has overwhelmed me
With all the blessings that He sends me.
So, thank you Lord,
I do feel your love:
It’s in my heart sent from above.