Our Past

Bearfiled Church

An old photo of Bearfield Church

Bearfield Church has been known by many names since it was built: Bethel Chapel, as it was formerly known, was built in 1789 by its first Pastor, Mr Thomas Watkins. The Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel run by the Trustees of the Lady Huntingdon’s Connexion. Bearfield Congregational Church (1880) after electing a new Trust and joining the Somerset Congregational Federation.


Today, whilst the church is no longer in the Congregational Federation, the congregation is still actively involved in the decision making and running of the church.
We are a church family, from a variety of backgrounds who provide a warm welcoming place for all who attend and are members of the Evangelical Alliance and uphold their Basis of Faith. We aim to appreciate and actively encourage church family members of all ages and walks of life.
As a church it is our desire to know the reality of God’s love and power in our lives, through our faith in Jesus, both individually and as a church family and to express ourselves creatively in our worship, as led by the Holy Spirit.


We want to help more people in our community to experience the love of God and for our church family to grow.  We agree with the Evangelical Alliance’s basis of faith,  for more information do download our Statement of Faith by clicking here.